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New Arrivals

Our four Navajo-Churro sheep welcome eight more to our flock.

Our donkey Connie surveys the expanded flock she is to guard 24/7 against predators. photos by Fr Columba

Renewal of Temporary Vows

On All Hallows’ Eve, two of our temporary professed monks renews their vows. Left to right: Brother Cassian, Abbot Christian, Brother Isidore, Father Prior Bonaventure. Ad multos annos.
photo by Brother Chrysostom

Sacristy Work Never Ends

Fr Jeffrey preparing glass holders for vigil candles, which pilgrims light in our church.
photo by Abbot Christian

Three of Our Monks Study Weaving and Spinning At Tierra Wools, Los Ojos, New Mexico


Try Outs

Connie Rehearsing (and Hoping) For Living Nativity Come December
photo by Abbot Christian

Sheep Were Shorn

Before and After

Almost Finished

After. That is Still a (Shorter) Woolen Coat, Not Skin!

All Four Sporting New Look
photos by Abbot Christian

Our Monk in Rome

Our Brother Gregorio Carrizal, OSB, Now Studying In Rome, At the International Benedictine Pontifical University of Sant’Anselmo

Papal Audience

Today our Brother Gregorio, Now Studying in Rome, Attended the Papal Audience. He Found It A Very Moving Experience.
Photo by Brother Gregorio

Craft Production

“then they are truly monks when they live by the labor of their hands as did our fathers and the Apostles.” Chapter On The Daily Manual Labor (Chapter 48)

Photos by Dom Augustine

Our Donkey and Sheep

Our Donkey, Zoe, Out Standing In Her Field and Protecting Our Little Flock of Sheep.
photo by Abbot Christian

The Lord is Their Shepherd
photo by Abbot Christian

"Let everyone that comes be received as Christ."

— The Rule of St. Benedict

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