Overnight Guests

The Monastery Guesthouse

guesthouseOvernight guests are most welcome at the monastery. A guestmaster monk is assigned to be in charge of the guesthouse. He will be of service to our guests, assuring that they are comfortable, at ease with their surroundings, and able to answer their questions. He is responsible for the resident guests upon their arrival and during their stay. He may be reached in the guestmaster’s office, directly across from the Giftshop, or by an intercom system posted on the outside wall of the office a few steps from the front of the church.

Length of stay

We hope that you will greatly benefit from your time spent at the monastery and for that reason the minimum stay is two days and two nights. It takes time to settle down from life’s hectic pace and to fit into the monastic rhythm. However, guests are certainly invited to stay several days, a week or even more longer. (To stay longer than three weeks, please contact the guestmaster.) For most rooms, the suggested donation is $99 per night.    Room Availability and Reservation Form


mealsSimple fresh meals are provided as part of your visit. The daily main meal and light suppers are shared with the monks in the refectory. A light breakfast is available after Mass. Normally we do not serve red meat at meals, although there have been some exceptions for special celebrations. Simple vegetarian fare such as rice and beans is always available. Meals are held in silence, except for table reading or music.

Sharing the Benedictine life

We are obliged by the Rule of Saint Benedict to offer hospitality to our guest as though they are Jesus Christ. Included is the opportunity for our guests to share in the Benedictine way of life. Guests are always welcome to attend any or all of our daily prayer services as well as holy Eucharist (see the daily schedule). They may also participate, if desired, in short times of manual labor (three and a half hours maximum) under the direction of our monks. To aid all of our guests in their quest to seek God, an atmosphere is maintained that provides time for privacy, prayer, reading, and reflection on God’s Word speaking in prayer services and the liturgies. The atmosphere most conducive to this kind of sharing of our life includes silence and some solitude.

Visitors Guide

Are visitors from all faiths welcome? How do I get there? What do I need to bring? Am I required to attend services? Can I go hiking? Answers to all these questions are provided in our detailed visitors guide.

Current Road Conditions

Updated on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 5:25 am

Forest Service Road 151 leading to the Monastery is in exceptionally good condition since it was recently graded. There is wash-boarding in some areas.

There is a wildfire burning along the Continental Divide Trail, but that does not affect travel on Forest Service Road 151. However, there is a smoke advisory for Chama Canyon. The Monastery remains open to day visitors and over-night guests. https://nmfireinfo.com/

A reminder that with the warmer weather, there is much more traffic on the road due to recreational users.

Although most vehicles will have no problem with the road with current conditions, four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles are best for traversing Forest Road 151.

For those who travel on the road, please be aware that there may be traffic traveling in both directions on the road, so round curves with caution. Be courteous and allow faster traffic ahead of you. Simply pull to the side of the road and let them pass.

Safe and peaceful travels.

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Meet Our Guestmaster

If you have questions about visiting us, feel free to contact, our guestmaster, via telephone at (575) 613-4233, or by using our contact form. Guide for Guests

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