Each Spring we plant our Easter lilies in the cloister garden. They usually bloom at least once again in the later Summer or Fall. Some bloom from the previous year or years, such as the one in today’s photo. Enough lilies are blooming now that we should be able to make an arrangement of them for our monastery church this coming Thursday, July 11th, for the Solemnity of our Holy Father Saint Benedict, who lived from 480 to 547 AD.

On July 11th, our inimitable Brother Andre will celebrate 40 years of monastic profession and Brother Martino, our frequent chef, 14 years of profession. Monks for life! Ad multos annos.

We have been enjoying pleasant weather at present, with daytime temperatures in the mid-80s, but are praying the Summer rains kick in sooner than later. Some rain has fallen in recent weeks, but more is needed.

We keep all our family and friends in our prayers and are grateful for your prayers and support. Happy continuation of Summer.

Abbot Christian and the monks