Ladybugs in a garden are always a good sign. Why? Because they are natural predators of aphids, tiny insects that feed on plant sap, which ultimately does harm to plants. The ladybug has been called a “natural insecticide.”

Today’s photo is of a ladybug among the peonies that will soon be blooming in our cloister garden. She may have to do some searching for aphids, as our plants are, we believe, “aphid-free,” but she’s on the lookout nonetheless. Aphids are often invisible to the naked eye, but not to ladybugs!

We have been enjoying pleasant weather of late, though having intermittent gusty winds as well. The change from Winter to Spring is pretty much completed and being enjoyed, though less so by allergy sufferers among us.

With this comes our greetings and assurance of prayers. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

Abbot Christian and the monks