An easily overlooked but worthwhile black and white film from 1940 is called BROTHER ORCHID, starring Edgar G. Robinson. It tells the fictional tale of mob boss Little John Sarto, played by Robinson, who gives up his turf to another mobster, played by Humphrey Bogart. Five years later Sarto tries to take back his turf, but in the process he falls victim to a trap and left for dead. Fortunately Sarto survives the trap and flees, ending up at a monastery of monks, whose principal source of revenue is selling fresh flowers.

Taken in to the monastery by the Brother Superior, Sarto gradually begins to realize the futility of his criminal ways and makes some drastic life changes.

The film clearly carries some important Lenten themes and the name “Brother Orchid” is made evident by the end of the story.

Today photo is of a currently blooming orchid at our monastery.

Be assured of our prayers and we are grateful for yours.

Abbot Christian and the monks