We are always delighted with the arrival of Spring. The fact that it coincides with the liturgical season of Easter is an added plus.

Today’s photo is from our cloister garden, the area where we monks have our rooms, technically called “cells”. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard, the six deciduous trees, the green lawn and the now-blooming flowerbeds, all make the garden a real oasis in the desert.

At another location on our property, our newly completed greenhouse has been planted and we await a wide variety of vegetables and flowers in the coming months.

The warmer weather also means various outdoors projects can be pursued, such as landscaping, clearing brush and fallen branches, as well as tending to our pastures and making needed repairs on some of our buildings.

At the same time, our daily round of prayer and hospitality continues, whatever the weather. The heart and soul of our life is striving to glorify God in whatever we do. Of course, that is the call for all, as the psalmist exhorts: “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.”

With assurance of our prayers and always grateful for yours,

Abbot Christian and the monks of Christ in the Desert