Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I bring?
A. Casual attire including work clothes (work boots would be helpful but not necessary), collared shirts for the Divine Office, a Bible and an open heart.

Q. What kind of expenses will there be?
A. There is no “entrance fee.” An Observer or Postulant should have sufficient funds to pay his own way (travel, clothes, etc.) until he become a Novice. We provide food and lodging.

Q. Health requirements?
A. You must be in good health in order to live our life. Any serious illness that will not permit you to participate fully into our day to day schedule, may prevent your entry to the monastery. If you have any further questions regarding our health policy, please contact us.

Q. What kind of food will I eat?
A. We eat a regular diet, but do not eat red meat because we follow the tenants of the Rule of Saint Benedict. We eat poultry and fish, vegetables and dairy products.

Q. How about the priesthood?
A. The monastery needs priests to function at our Liturgies and to minister the Sacraments in our community. That being said, those who seek to enter the monastery should be focused solely on becoming monks. In time the Abbot make ask a brother to undertake the studies for ordination. Brothers both engage in studies here at the monastery and at elsewhere. At this time we have seven priests in the community. Candidates to our monastic life who are already ordained as priests or deacons receive the same consideration as others should they wish to enter.

Q. Are psychological tests required of candidates?
A. No. We evaluate each applicant through observation of his behavior.

Q. Do monks take vacations?
A. Postulants and Novices normally remain in the monastery through the course of their initial formation. All professed monks may ask to visit their families if a need arises. Additionally professed monks may visit family for 20 days every other year.

Q. How may I support vocations to the Monastery?
A. By prayer, of course, and if you are able, by a gift made here.

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