Believing that we have some of the healthiest hens on planet earth, there are some simple facts that we’re more than willing to share on the topic.
Our forty-five hens, of a variety of sizes and  colors, have a very large area of lush green grass in which to roam all day long. They dutifully go into their spacious coop each evening at dusk and are safe behind latched doors for the duration of the night.
Every morning they are fed with commercial layer pellets and in the late afternoon enjoy leftovers from the kitchen, including greens, fruit and vegetables, as well as rice and beans.
The poultry have access to fresh, cool water to drink, available all day long.
We have areas in their field where the hens can enjoy their “required” daily dust baths, and shaded places to escape from the sun or to bask in it, as they so choose.
Our hens are not spoiled, nor are they neglected by any means. We continue to collect about two dozen eggs each day.
Be our guests and plan to enjoy our eggs each morning at breakfast.
Abbot Christian and the monks