Matty the donkey, Gloria and the sheep, as well as our four dozen chickens, continue their tranquil lives in the midst of desert beauty.
Matty, who turns four this November, guards the sheep against marauding predators. The sheep provide us with wool for weaving and the chickens offer fresh eggs daily. As long as the animals get good pasture land for roaming and grazing, which we have, some supplemental grain and plenty of fresh water each day, there seems to be no complaints.
At present, four monks take care of the livestock. None of it is “full-time” work, but it does occupy some time and effort each day. The animals are housed near our living quarters and can easily be observed and checked on in the course of the day.
We are enjoying very pleasant weather at present. A bit of rain off and on waters the fields and keeps the temperatures in the 70s or low 80s No serious humidity is a welcome treat as well.
With warm regards and prayers for all of our families, friends and benefactors. For all those in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy this late Spring and soon to be Summer.
Abbot Christian and the monks