In three more days winter officially begins and daylight will start to increase once again. We are always grateful for that, even if summer’s heat is some months away.

In the Chama Canyon where we live the nights are cold now, often down to freezing or below by dawn, but the temperatures climb during the normally sunny days, reaching the 40s or above. While that in itself is not particularly “warm,” being outside in the sun is not uncomfortable, even if snow is on the ground. The sun is a mighty presence.

A few days ago tornados passed in our area, though not directly over us, and apparently not touching ground until farther east, causing some destruction. This past summer, on July 12th, we felt an earthquake. Nature’s forces are observed and felt everywhere and are a cause for wonder, sometimes fright and what can we do, but put our hope in God.

Christmas will be here in less than a week. May our hearts be attentive to the mystery of God becoming human so that we might share in divinity.

A blessed and peaceful week ahead. We promise you our prayers.

Abbot Christian and the monks