Among those with whom we share the Chama Canyon Wilderness, and who were in fact here before us, are mule deer. Native to western North America, the mule deer is named for its large ears, reminiscent of a mule.

These days a doe regularly brings her twin fawns, now some months old, to the Chama River for water and some cavorting in the river. One has to be quiet and still so as not to frighten the animals off, who can leap and bound away at the slightest sight or sound of humans.

Today’s photo were taken a few days ago at the north end of the Monastery property, which is generally very quiet and where we and our livestock rarely go.

One of the most beautiful passages in the Book of Psalms is this one: “Like the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you, my God” (Psalm 42.1).

With our continued prayers and grateful for yours our deer friends,

Abbot Christian and the monks