Over the night of February 10th–the Lunar New Year 2024–we received a generous amount of snow in the Chama Canyon Wilderness. We are grateful for any amount of moisture in the desert Southwest. Last night’s snowfall measured in at about half a foot. This morning we got to use use our recently acquired snow blower on our brick walkway between church and the reception building (lobby, Guestmaster’s Office, Giftshop, Art Gallery and Guest Refectory). We also cleared the way for nice snow-free paths from the church to the Guesthouse and Ranch House (part of our Guesthouse). Today’s sunny skies will likely melt any residue snow along the paths.

Thankfully we are staying well and enjoying the “change of scenery,” which won’t last too long, as we are already presumably past the coldest temperatures of Winter.

With this comes our warm regards and prayers for all of our families, friends, benefactors and oblates. A blessed week ahead.

Abbot Christian and the monks