While we’re neither a hotel nor a spa, we do routinely enjoy healthy and savory meals, prepared by our monks. In today’s photo, Brother Chrysostom (who wears many hats here), and Father Zachary (who also wears many hats here), are preparing lunch, stuffed peppers. We rotate the cook each day, normally having only one cook on weekdays and two on Sundays. Father Zachary is our Kitchen Manager, preparing the menus, the shopping list for each week and often lends a hand to the cook on various and sundry occasions.

We also have brothers who often bake bread, rolls and pies.

We try to honor the natural talents of our monks but also know that cooking and baking is something that can be learned. One of the aprons in our kitchen reads “Real Men Don’t Use Recipes.” On the other hand, it is not considered an error to consult a cookbook. We have a good collection of these.

As Julia Child, the famous chef, always used to say: bon appetit!

Abbot Christian and the monks