During the winter months, our livestock (sheep, donkey and horses) depend on hay we purchase from local ranchers, some of which is on display in today’s photo, ready to be stored at the “Good Shepherd Inn,” as we call our sheep and donkey barn. Sometimes the “transition” from eating fresh grass in our pastures during the summer and fall, to baled hay later in the year can be a little slow for the livestock, but pretty quickly they adapt and consume the baled hay with gusto.

We are enjoying very pleasant days just now, though always in anticipation of snow or rain, welcome at any time in the Chama Canyon wilderness. Recent snowfall has pretty much melted, creating some amount of mud during the day on Forest Service Road 151 leading to the Monastery. at such times we always advise traversing the road with four-wheel or all-wheel vehicles.

With this comes our warm regards and assurance of prayers. We are grateful for the support and kindness of so many friends, near and far. May all who travel be kept safe. Blessed Sunday and week ahead!

Abbot Christian and the monks