We are now receiving more moisture in the form of snow in our canyon. We are grateful beyond words for this, and while it’s an inconvenience for those traversing Forest Road 151 leading to the Monastery, with the recommendation that only four-wheel or all-wheel vehicles be used at this time, the much needed nourishing of the earth is always welcome.

Brothers are staying healthy and hopefully happy at this time, as we move into the winter months. Our private rooms and common areas (church, refectory, chapter room, kitchen, etc.) are heated, so there is no great hardship, even when the temperatures drop and snow or rain falls.

Today’s photo was taken inside our cloister, surrounded by the quadrangle of rooms of the monks.

The holy season of Advent begins this Sunday, leading up to Christmas on December 25th. May all our families, friends, benefactors and oblates have a blessed preparation for the commemoration of the Birth of our Savior later this month.

As usual, we will have midnight Mass on December 24th/25th, as well the Day Mass on Christmas day, Monday, December 25th. That Mass will be at 11:00 am.

With assurance of our prayers and grateful for yours,

Abbot Christian and the monks