We were happy to receive a dusting of snow over the night of December 13th. Moisture in any form is always welcome here, especially in these recent years of drought conditions.
Often we’re asked if we get “snowed in” when it snows, but the answer is, no. Normally snow does not prevent us from traversing Forest Service Road 151 leading to and from the Monastery. As we always state on our website, four-wheel or all-wheel vehicles are strongly recommended when there is rain or snow, and we too only use four-wheel vehicles in these instances.
The Advent Season of 2023 is moving along rapidly and soon it will be Christmas. May we prepare our hearts well for the coming of Christ, who save us. May our preparations for the great Solemnity of Christmas not be frantic, but peaceful.
Be assured of our prayers, especially for safety for all who travel at this time of year.
Abbot Christian and the monks