Construction of the new greenhouse in our lower pasture is nearly completed. It will provide a spacious place to grow produce and flowers throughout the year. A generous grant from the Catholic Foundation of New Mexico greatly assisted us in realizing the project.
For a number of years we have realized that a greenhouse is our “only hope” for our small-scale gardening, since the deer in our canyon routinely “raid our gardens,” day and night, especially at night! As they are capable of leaping enormous heights, even fencing around our gardens has proved futile.
The new greenhouse has large sliding doors at both ends and the membrane covering of the rest of the building should serve us well as a truly protected enclave for growing.
We look forward to start planting once the beds and watering system is completed. Hopefully that will be in February of next year.
Since the greenhouse is in our “Saint Fiacre Pasture,” the greenhouse will likely carry the same name. Saint Fiacre is a patron saint of gardens and gardeners.
With this comes our greetings and prayers. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.
Abbot Christian and the monks