We are already feeling a definite “cooling down” in the mornings, with temperatures in the mid to low 50s. By afternoon, the mercury climbs to the low 80s. To everything, there is a season.
We continue our daily round of prayer and work and welcoming people for days of private retreat of a few days or more, as well as those who come for shorter day-visits during the week.
Forest Service Road 151 leading to the Monastery remains dry and passable. The church, Giftshop and Art Gallery are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
This has been a dry summer and we continue to pray for moisture. Our well is in no danger of drying up, but the earth can certainly use rain and later in the year, snow.
We assure of our prayers and we are grateful for yours. Visit when you can.
Abbot Christian and the monks