Not seen every day here, but more frequently than fifty years ago, Bighorn Sheep are another natural wonder in the high desert of New Mexico.
Today’s photo was taken by one of our monks while on a trip to town on September 13th. The majestic ram in the photo was fairly unfazed by Brother’s approaching for the photo. Only after the photo was taken did the ram walk (not run!) away.
Bighorn Sheep, both male and female, are several times larger than domestic sheep, such as we have on our farm. Like all wildlife, one needs to exercise prudence and caution when approaching them, but the Bighorns are not aggressive and prone to rapidly exit in the presence of humans.
In the midst of desert beauty, we never tire of the grandeur of God’s creation. All you beasts, wild and tame, praise the Lord.
Be assured of our prayers and please keep us in yours. Thank you.
Abbot Christian and the monks