The days fly by, at least for us in the Chama Canyon wilderness. Summer skies hold their own beauty at this time of year, most especially at sunset.
The days are now visibly growing shorter and daytime temperatures are “only” in the mid-80s. That’s cooler than several weeks ago!
It has been a very dry “rainy season” this Summer, sorry to say, but we are thankful for the rains we have received nonetheless. Typically, the majority of out moisture for the year comes during July and August.
We continue with various and sundry maintenance and beautifying projects on our property, and are grateful to those guests on retreat who express interest in assisting us with the work. All hands on deck, as the saying goes.
September is upon us, the usual time for the beginning of the academic year. We pray for all students at this time, for a successful and fruitful year of study.
Abbot Christian and the monks