Having just celebrated the feast of Saint Clare of Assisi, the close collaborator of Saint Francis of Assisi, on August 11th, we also called to mind the fact that we have many friends from the various branches of the Franciscan family, including Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (whose initials are “CFR”), and who have a Friary dedicated to San Juan Diego in the heart of of the city of Albuquerque.
The friars from there regularly come here for days of solitude and retreat. They always join us for daily Conventual Mass, the chanting of the Divine Office, and meals when they are here.
In addition to the “CFRs,” another group, known Francican Friars Minor (OFM is their initials), also occasionally come on retreat here. They have been living and working in New Mexico for centuries!
Yet a third branch, sometimes Conventual Franciscans, whose initials are “OFMConv,” spend retreat days here.
We are blessed with these contacts and are happy to share some of our monastic life with our Franciscan friends.
Last but not least, mention needs to be made of our friendships with numerous Poor Clare Franciscan nuns around the Country.  These women live a strictly enclosed and contemplative life, hence they do not come here on retreat, but they are praying for us and we for them.
Today’s illustration shows Saint Francis and his friars offering a lamb to Saint Clare and her nuns.
Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, pray for us.
Abbot Christian and the monks