As presumably millions of people worldwide take to the skies for Summer holidays this month and next, in this quiet corner of Mother Earth, a little fledgling learns to fly, as illustrated into today’s photo.
Every Spring and Summer robins nest and raise offspring in our cloister garden. It’s a perfect place to prepare to meet the perils that may arise once a bird matures and takes off into the vast beyond.
We are currently having daytime temperatures in the mid to high 80s. It’s nothing compared with other parts of the country, experiencing triple-digit temperatures. Humidity levels for us are very low also. We are grateful, and praying for a good monsoon season, which usually occurs in July and August. Our nighttime and morning temperatures are in the mid-50s.
Forest Service Road 151 leading to the Monastery remains dry and passable. The only caution is to watch out for other vehicles also traversing the road. Oftentimes a driver imagines that he or she is the only one on the road. Most often, that is not the case.
A blessed week ahead to all.
Abbot Christian and the monks