Each year at Easter we have a couple dozen potted Easter lilies decorating our church. Their fragrance and beauty add to the the joy and glory of the season of the Lord’s Resurrection as Spring returns.
The Easter lilies in church last for weeks, being hardy flowers, but as the flowers fade, we plant the bulbs in our cloister garden. This year’s lilies should be blossoming again within a month or so. They will be used in church again, as cut flowers this time around, and they last very well in water.
In the meantime, numerous daylilies (also called Tiger Lilies, presumably because of their tiger-orange color), are now blooming in the cloister garden. While not ideal for arrangements in church, since they close up rather quickly and don’t reopen well, they do fine remaining in the ground, and offer a pleasant sight to enjoy as we monks go to and come from church and refectory during the day.
We keep you in our prayers, especially at the sung Conventual Mass each morning and at the Divine Office throughout the day, from Vigils at 4:00 am to Compline at 7:15 pm.
Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.
May we all, where we are planted, “blossom like the lily” described in the Book of the Prophet Hosea (chapter 14, verse 5)!
Abbot Christian and the monks