Just now we are enjoying an abundance of Easter lilies blooming in our cloister garden. Each Spring we plant the lilies we use to decorate the church during the Easter season. Typically, the plants die back then re-emerge in the Summer. True to form, that is happening again. Today’s photo shows some of the lilies currently in church.
In the midst of desert beauty, we are in need of rainfall. Prayers have begun that the  rainy or monsoon season, which usually extends over the months of July and August, might begin soon. May the Lord grant an abundance of moisture to the earth.
Like many parts of the Nation, we are now having daytime temperatures in 90s. Mercifully, it cools down to the 50s during the night. Humidity is very low as well.
With this comes our prayers and greetings. May the Lord bless us all, great and small.
Abbot Christian and the monks