With the return of warmer weather, we are being inundated with excellent eggs every day from our forty free-range hens. With a community of twenty monks and numerous guests, the henhouse is providing a very worthwhile service by enhancing our diet.
When we first got hens a few years ago, we were concerned that our (at that time three) cats might not take kindly to the new arrivals, who roam in a very large space in our farmyard. Fortunately, for the hens and for us, all goes well in the Peaceable Kingdom, which also includes twenty sheep and the guard-donkey Matty. All the beasts, wild and tame, live in relative harmony, and for that we are grateful. Fortunately, predators keep their distance and have not caused problems. But the hens (and one rooster) are always snug a bugs in rugs at night in their spacious coop.
Today’s photo is of what was gathered in the henhouse, under the patronage of Saint Brigid of Kildare, the afternoon of April 19th.
With Easter greetings and a promise of our continued prayers.
Abbot Christian and the monks