We’ve fairly quickly sprung from chilly mornings and days, to wonderfully warm, but not too warm, days again. The marvel of the Northern Hemisphere, that Easter coincides with Spring. New life is appearing all around us now, including wildlife and the return of birds.
We had prayerful and rich liturgical ceremonies over Holy Week and now in Eastertide. The pleasant weather added well to it all.
Forest Service Road 151, leading to the Monastery, was graded very nicely during Holy Week. We are grateful beyond words to the Forest Service and County for making this happen. Years ago we were told to “leave the road alone,” as Government officials know best regarding the upkeep of the road. We have stuck to the mandate and the officials have done their part very well indeed.
Today’s photo was taken in our cloister flower bed. It sings of Spring.
Remember, Easter isn’t over! It extends until Pentecost Sunday. Therefore, proclaim aloud:
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!
Abbot Christian and the monks