Our beloved Brother Leander Hogg peacefully  passed from this life to the next on Tuesday night, March 28th. He died in his cell in our Infirmary and had been surrounded by monks, oblates and friends, praying at his bedside around the clock over the past several days. Brother Leander was 96 years old at the time of his death.
His Requiem Mass in our church and burial in our cemetery took place beginning at 11:00 am March 29th.
Born in England, George Hogg, as he was known “in the world,” served in the British military during World War II and later joined the Irish Christian Brothers. Later, he became a Benedictine, and spent time in monasteries in the United States, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico.
Brother Leander was an excellent and dedicated teacher, who worked tirelessly for decades in the formation of candidates to the monastic life. He was Junior Master (guiding simply professed monks) at Christ in the Desert over many years. and right up until his death.
Brother Leander never lost his posh British accent (“why should I?,” he would wryly ask), and was an exemplary and faithful servant of Christ. He was never late or missed the Divine Office or Mass, and was often pointed out as a model to monks many decades his junior, who might be late or absent from community prayer with no compelling reason. He would freely point out to such brothers the nature of their commitment and obligations, never alienating in doing so, but spot on in his observations.
May the angels lead Brother Leander into Paradise and may perpetual light shine upon him. Please pray for that intention. Thank you.
Abbot Christian and the monks