Sometimes in February we enjoy what is called a “False Spring.” That is, daytime temperatures might rise to 50 degrees or more, and then winter returning in the month of March. This year, no “False Spring” so far, and in fact we are experiencing “True Winter,” meaning cold nightime temperatures and some amount of snowfall. Of course, we welcome moisture in any form, to help end the drought in the great Southwest, so we’re not complaining. But we will welcome spring once it gets here.
We are now just days away from Ash Wednesday and great the Liturgical Season of Lent. May our hearts be ready to intensify our faith, hope and love during Lent, in the knowledge that we have been redeemed in the Blood of Christ, Who died and rose that we might have life eternal.
With this come the greetings and prayers of the monks of Christ in the Desert. May the Lord bless all who read this, and all humankind for that matter! At this time we especially pray for the victims and survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.
Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you. We are doing fine and staying healthy, thanks be to God.
Abbot Christian and the monks