With the passing of the Winter Solstice, egg production by our flock of hens has increased exponentially, from just a few eggs per day to nearly two dozen. We and our guests enjoy our “homegrown” eggs, either hard boiled or scrambled.
Speak of guests, we have closed our Guesthouse for the month of January, to give the monks a bit of an extended retreat, but also to attend to maintenance issues that have arisen over the past months. Roof repairs continue on our main buildings as well. Typically in the Chama Canyon, January is cold and often snowy and sometimes the road in, Forest Service Road 151, can become dicey. With all this in mind, the month of January will be a quiet one for the monks of Christ in the Desert.
Day visitors are still welcome this month, to visit the church and grounds, but again, beware of road conditions before trekking across Forest Service Road 151.
May one and all, our families, friends, neighbors, benefactors and oblates, have a peaceful and restorative New Year of our Lord 2023.
You are in our prayers and we are grateful for yours.
Abbot Christian