We are reveling in the reality of the arrival of snow in the great Southwest. At long last some serious precipitation is occurring and it is good news in the face of ongoing drought conditions in this part of the globe.
What is coming our way is presumably fallout from the West Coast storms of late, but in our case only in the form of snow and not flooding or mudslides.
Our roof replacement on the building south of our monastery church is now complete, so as the song goes: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
Life goes on and our daily round of prayer and work proceeds uninterrupted. The monks are fine, so too the livestock and poultry in our care. Adequate food, shelter and clothing (of a different kind for the animals) are part and parcel of our existence, and we are grateful for the blessings the Lord bestows each day.
From a snowy Chama Canyon comes the promise of our prayers and our thanks for all who do good to us.
God’s peace and blessings in abundance.
Abbot Christian and the monks