Of course the plant and flowers in today’s photo have another name than “Thanksgiving Cactus” (do you know the correct name?), but their blooming at this time of the year causes us to call them “Thanksgiving Cactus.” These cacti (or cactuses) are growing in large pots in the corridor on the way to our church, and are a welcome sight  when other flowering plants have ceased to bloom..
Next Sunday we begin a new Liturgical Year with the start of the Season of Advent, a privileged time of approximately a month, to ponder more consciously the dawn of our salvation with the birth in Bethlehem of Christ our Redeemer. Come, Lord Jesus!
Repairs continue to take place on our roofs over the kitchen, laundry, classroom, Giftshop, Lobby and corridors, in serious need of replacement after decades of “wear and tear.” Thankfully the weather is cooperating for getting the work accomplished.
Our Guesthouse is fully open now, as well as our Giftshop and grounds.
May this Thanksgiving be an opportunity to “take stock” and give thanks to God for the many gifts we have all received, most especially life and breath, family and loved ones. May we never cease from “going about and doing good,” as Jesus is described to have done during his earthly pilgrimage. Let us follow in the footsteps of our Lord!
With assurance of our prayers and asking that you keep us in yours. Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving 2022!
Abbot Christian and the monks