Sometimes monastic life is defined as an “infinity of little hours.” More often than not,  nothing great or spectacular occurs in our lives, but on we go, day by day, week by week, year by year. Isn’t this the reality for all of us, monks or not?
The concept of “an infinity of little hours” is not meant to upset or depress us, but it is a call to be attentive to the present, make the most of it, and even find God amidst the pots and pans, as Carmelites Saint Teresa of Avila and Brother Lawrence described the matter of “finding God in the ordinary.”
We do not live in the expectation of visions or levitating above the earth, but simply living as best we can in whatever is our vocation.
Today’s photo was taken at twilight a few days ago in the Chama Canyon wilderness where we live. Here it is often easy to perceive the grandeur of God in nature that surrounds us.
To all, a blessed week ahead and be assured of our prayers. Please keep us in yours.
Abbot Christian and the monks