Well, not exactly, but the chickens do come running whenever the Abbot opens his door to Abbotsfield, where the chickens roam all day. The feathered friends are always eager for a handout. As one of our guests recently quipped: chickens are always hungry!
Our flock of hens and one rooster has recently expanded with the hatching of twenty-one chicks here over the past few weeks. A number of the young are on the fence in today’s photo, trying not to look like little vultures, but they can’t help it!
We are currently getting about two dozen eggs per day, which are served hard boiled to monks and guests each morning. We usually enjoy scrambled eggs one day a week at our midday meal as well.
We continue to get rain nearly every day, but none of it as powerful as last Sunday’s afternoon deluge that caused flooding in our buildings. See our News Page of August 9th for more details.
For all who may be traveling, vacationing or preparing to return to school, we offer our special prayers for safety and peace. To all our families and friends, many greetings and prayers as well. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.
Abbot Christian and the monks