How do monks, at least of Christ in the Desert, celebrate United States Independence Day?
On that day, we begin the Office of Vigils at 5:00 am, an hour later than usual. Vigils ends at 6:00 am, then Lauds is prayed at 6:30 am, followed by the Conventual Mass. Mass is over at about 7:45, when one can take some time for breakfast, exercise, reading and generally preparing for the day ahead.
At 9:00 am we pray the Office of Terce, then the work period begins (cooking, cleaning, office work, bookkeeping, farm work, crafts, etc.), ending at 12:30 pm.
At 1:00 pm we pray the Office of Sext then the monks gather in the cloister garden for a picnic lunch “al fresco,” with typical American fare, including paper plates.
We have a break after lunch until Vespers at 6:00 pm, followed by the evening meal in silence after. Compline is prayed at 7:15 pm, and thus the end of the day.
May all our families, friends, benefactors and oblates, near and far, have a blessed day of giving thanks to God for the gift of freedom, which is of course a gift from God.
Today’s photo is of roses from our cloister garden.
Abbot Christian and the monks