Here are some appropriate quotes to accompany today’s photo of the very green grass in our cloister garden. Recent rains have done wonders.
Thirteenth century Dominican friar and Bishop, Saint Albert the Great said: “Nothing refreshes the sight so much as fine short grass.”
The medieval monk Hugh of Fouilloy said: “The green turf which is in the middle of the material cloister refreshes cloistered eyes and their desire to study returns.”
Modern writer on monasticism, Daniele Cybulskie has written: “Garths provided green space in the center of the cloister to allow monks to refresh themselves in nature and to walk with other brethren.”
We are grateful for our cloister garden, where tall trees and short grass, a variety of flowers and many birds give us joy and peace of heart.
Be assured of our prayers and please pray for us.  Thank you.
Abbot Christian and the monks