On Easter Sunday we had our Spring Raffle drawing, and the winners, from around the country are as follows.
Eight prizes of $500 each:
1. E.S. of Albuquerque, NM.       ticket # 1158
2. J.P. of Houston, TX                 ticket # 1403
3. D.R. of Santa Fe, NM             ticket # 353
4. N.V. of Sarasota, FL.              ticket # 116
5. A.M. of Tampa, FL.                 ticket # 764
6. C.A. of Washington, DC         ticket # 174
7. B.V. of Baltimore, MD.            ticket # 213
8. D.M. of Santa Fe, NM.           ticket # 283
The Grand Prize of $1,000 goes to:
9. J.F. of Tybee Island, GA.        ticket # 1094
Thanks to all who participated! The proceeds of $75,000 have been a tremendous help in our general operating expenses, as we had two years with no guests on private retreats and nearly two years of Giftshop sales severely curtailed.
We are deeply grateful to all who do good to us.
Abbot Christian and the monks