Of late we have been treated to majestic sunrises as well as sunsets. Dramatic views, such as in today’s photo of Januray 8th sunrise, only last a few minutes, so one has to be quick to capture the moment.

Days are already getting longer, which is welcome in the midst of winter. This means the chickens head to their coop a little later each day and that the production of eggs is increasing once again.

Thanks be to God, we monks remain healthy, though not wealthy, but maybe a little wise, at least in managing to stay well amidst the current pandemic and its variants. We have been exercising caution throughout the crisis, though hopefully not being rigid, angry or extremist. Presumably our remote setting contributes to our health.

We pray for those who are unwell or struggling with their health, consolation for those who have lost loved ones, and for eternal repose of the souls of those who have died. May the angels lead them into Paradise!

Abbot Christian and the monks