In the midst of desert beauty, we are currently being treated to snow. Prayers and patience have paid off as powdery moisture proves to be “just what the doctor ordered” for this part of the great Southwest.

We have gotten a good few inches of snow so far, as we round off 2021 and prepare for 2022.

“Snow is silence made visible,” said the 20th century Swiss Catholic philosopher, Max Picard, in his book “The World of Silence.”
It’s a very worthwhile read, though hard to find these days, and in fact our library copy has vanished. If anyone has an extra copy, we would be most grateful for it, and would probably read it at midday meal. Our custom as Benedictine monks is to listen to readings during repasts. We are staying well, thanks be to God, and praying for all who are not well at this time.

Abbot Christian and the monks