Winter has begun, with some dramatic “skyscapes” to accompany it. “Look up and see, your salvation is near at hand,” we are chanting these days at the Liturgy in church.

We are all well, thanks be to God, staying cozy in our heated buildings and grateful beyond words for the generosity of so many over the past year in “keeping us afloat.” Thank you from the heart!

With our Guesthouse still closed, until late February of next year, and our Giftshop, now open, but not doing the usual level of business without resident guests at present, we are truly blest by the generosity of friends near and far.

Visitors and pilgrims are welcome this Christmas Eve, Friday night, December 24th, to attend Midnight Mass. Yes, it begins at midnight!

On Christmas Day, Saturday, December 25th, Mass will be at 11:00 am.

On Sunday, December 26th, Mass will be at 9:15 am.

Some precipitation is predicted over the coming days, which might discourage some from venturing out.

In any case, we wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas. Don’t forget “the reason for the season.”

Abbot Christian and the monks