Like sunrise, sunset in the Chama Canyon wilderness is always silent, and sometimes simply splendid. Days are definitely waning, with the sun setting around 4:20 pm at present. This pattern will persist, of course, until the winter solstice, a little more than a month away.

In days of yore, we used to speak of being “as snug as a bug in a rug,” to refer to the creaturely comforts of food, shelter and clothing. Today, these luxuries, which most take for granted, are missing for a large percentage of humanity. We must all, including monks, do what we can to eliviate homelessness and want. Saint Augustine of Hippo used to speak of “doing with less that others may have more.” It is always a good motto to adopt.

As winter rapidly approaches, we may all do well to look at what we have that might rarely be used, but of benefit to others more in need. Goodwill and thrift stores in most cities are ready to receive such offerings. A Goodwill store has recently opened in the metropolis closest to us, Espanola, some fifty miles from the Monastery.

With continued prayers and ever-grateful for yours,

Abbot Christian and the monks