Egg production typically slows down at the time of year, only increasing after the Winter Solstice, which occurs on December 21st this year.

Because of the variety of breeds of our hens, we always have an array of color and size in the delicious eggs they produce.

Nutritionists seem to go back and forth on the benefits or hazards of egg consumption, so we monks tend to follow Saint Benedict’s admonition of “moderation in all things.”

Saint Benedict underlined that moderation is particularly to be observed “on account of the faint-hearted.” In popular parlance, “chicken-hearted” might be the term to use for “faint-hearted.” However, our hens would likely take exception to the notion.

With the arrival of colder weather in the Northern Hemisphere, may we all enjoy warmth in our dwelling places, good health, despite pandemic realities, and peace in our hearts, which only God can grant.

Abbot Christian and the monks