Each night at the conclusion of Compline, the final communal prayer of the day, the abbot blesses the brethren with holy water.

The abbot moves among the monks standing in their choir shall, sprinkling some holy water on the head of each monk, who bows and makes the Sign of the Cross as an act of receiving a blessing from the Lord.

Blessed or holy water is one of sacramentals of the Catholic Church, being an outward sign at the end of our day, of God’s blessing for the night and as a reminder of the waters of Baptism, when we were cleansed of Original Sin and began our pilgrimage to God’s house, culminating in exchanging time for eternity at death.

At each of the Liturgy of the Hours, also called the Divine Office, beginning at 4:00 am and concluding at 7:30 pm, we pray for all of our families, friends and benefactors and for all humanity. As people keep reminding us, “we are in this together,” and with God’s help, we will be drawn closer together and even find good hidden in the sadness of these times.

Kyrie eleison. Lord, have mercy on us.

Abbot Christian and the monks