An important element of Catholic practice is devotion to the saints. The saints are those who have completed their earthly sojourn and now enjoy the rewards of eternal life in Heaven. That is undoubtedly an enormous number of souls. Over the ages some have been singled out by name as special patrons, inspirations and intercessors for those still alive.

We do not worship the saints–that is something reserved for God alone–but we venerate and honor the saints. We also pray to them, to intercede on our behalf for guidance and help from God for ourselves or others.

Pictured below is an image (icon) in our monastery church of the great Old Testament miracle-working prophet Elijah the Tishbite, who lived about nine hundred years before the birth of Christ. His life and work are recorded in the First and Second Book of Kings in the Bible.

We look to all God’s saints, not as having been perfect on earth, but as having lived holy lives as faithful followers of God until death. Some died as martyrs for the faith, but not every saint did. We should all aspire to follow the example of the saints of God. May they pray for us.

Blessed week and assurance of our prayers.

Abbot Christian and the monks