Our Prior Christian has been asked to assist our new Abbot President Guillermo Arboleda at the headquarters (curia) of our international Subiaco Cassinese Congregation in Rome.
Ours is the largest of the twenty autonomous Benedictine Congregations and four or five monks normally work for four year assignments with the Abbot President in Rome.
One of the present challenges will be to identify and then move to a new place of residence in Rome for the Abbot President and his assistants. Father Christian will be directly involved with this and other tasks as the Abbot President makes them known.
Father Christian will go to Rome sometime before Christmas this year, then back to Christ in the Desert for some weeks in the summer of 2017 before returning to continue at the Subiaco Cassinese Congregation curia. He asks for your prayers in this work.
Father Christian and Abbot President Guillermo were students together in Rome some thirty years ago, so know each other well.