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The appropriate place for hiking is the area south of the Abbey Church, toward the guesthouse and beyond. The National Wilderness south of the monastery gate is another good place for such pursuit. Long hikes off the monastery property are fine, but we ask you to please notify the Guestmaster of your plan and the time of your intended return. The Wilderness Area north of the monastery property is accessible only by crossing the river.

Hikes on the mesas above the monastery must never be undertaken alone and only when the Guestmaster has been notified. The terrain of the mesas is quite hazardous especially to unseasoned hikers. Guests who fail to observe this rule will be asked to leave. Years back, a young male guest died in a hiking accident and was buried in our cemetery. A few years ago, a lady tried to climb the mesa cliffs without letting anyone know she was there in the first place. A cross marks the spot where she fell to her death. Need I say more?