For the second Summer in a row, one of the two large yucca plants in front of our Monastery church is in full bloom. With a flowering head of some three feet tall, and about ten feet above the ground, the delicate white yucca blossoms are a beautiful sight.
Yucca are also in bloom along the wild and scenic corridor leading into the Chama Canyon Wilderness where we live. The road is dry and passable and a visit here might be time well spent for those who live in the area or who are visiting the Land of Enchantment. In our humble opinion, our landscape never disappoints.
In today’s photo, looking beyond the yucca plant, one can see a corner of our monastic cemetery, and in the pasture farther afield, close to the Chama River, our four work and pleasure horses are grazing.
We are in a lovely time of year, though serious rainfall would be most welcome. For that we hope and pray.
Greetings and prayers from the Monastery.
Abbot Christian and the monks