Thus far, winter has been fairly mild in the Chama Canyon Wilderness where the Monastery is located. Of late, though, we have gotten some precipitation in the form of snow, as illustrated into today’s photo, a view from across the Chama River. We have had freezing temperatures at night, but “warming up” to the mid-40s by midday. Along with the weather change from the summer and autumn, the atmospheric light of winter possesses a distinct tone of its own. It’s all good and all from God. We certainly enjoy some of the most beautiful panoramas on planet earth. At least that is our humble assessment of the situation.
Our Guesthouse is closed this month, as well as our Giftshop, but we prepare for reopening of both in February. We have made significant additions to the selection of books for sale in our Giftshop, and are proud of the work underway to enhance the experience of staying in the Guesthouse and visiting the Giftshop.
Day visitors are welcome to see and pray in our church during this month.
May the new year be a time of renewal, good resolutions and even relaxation after the festivities just past associated with the Birth of the Redeemer.
With assurance of our prayers and we are grateful for yours,
Abbot Christian and the monks