They’re not on wheels, nor prefabricated, but our meals are made with care and prayer by our monks on a daily basis. One cook on weekdays and two on Sundays and Solemnities create an array of simple but nourishing meals for our monastic community and the guests who are on retreat.
At present our main cooks number five, who rotate throughout the days of the week and on Sundays. A number of other monks are ready and able to be assistant cooks for Sundays and Solemnities.
What do we eat? Most commonly our meals are comprised of one or more of the following: chicken, turkey, fish, pasta, vegetables, rice, eggs, cheese, beans, bread and fruit. Our usual drink at the midday main meal is water, with tea, coffee and cocco also available at breakfast and the evening meal. Breakfast also includes juice and milk.
Our monastic cooks are not professional chefs, but sometimes monks and guests comment that a meal has been of “restaurant quality” or “better than a restaurant.” That is not our goal, but it is nice to hear.
In today’s photo, Father Vincent is diligently preparing another wholesome meal for the nourishment and enjoyment of our community and guests.
“Bon appetit,” as the late Julia Child liked to say.
With this comes our prayers and we are grateful for yours.
Abbot Christian and the monks