While Autumn is still going on, before we know it, Winter will arrive. For us in the Chama Canyon wilderness, these days mean chilly mornings, often below freezing, but very pleasant temperatures by midday and throughout the afternoon.
Sunset for us at this time of year is before 4:30 pm, and the chickens are usually roosting in their coop for the night by 5:00 pm. Egg production is at an all-time low these days and will increase sometime in December, when days start getting longer once again.
The daylight of Autumn that enters our monastery church each day possesses a special tone. It’s not as intense as Summer light, but definitely and noticeably different and beautiful as it shines in the luminous blue of the great Southwest.
To all our families, friends and benefactors near and far, our warm greetings and promise of our prayers. Please keep un in yours. Thank you..
Abbot Christian and the monks