We are nearing the middle of October and enjoying very fine weather in our high desert setting. The combination of rain and sun and mild temperatures makes the possibility of walking, running, biking and riding (horses!) a very pleasant experience for those so inclined.
Though the Summer has ended, we continue to receive daily visitors and pilgrims, as well as people coming on retreat for a few or several days. It’s almost “hard to believe” that we had no guests or visitors for nearly two years due to the pandemic.
We are grateful that covid-related illness is on the wane and pray that it stays that way even as Winter approaches.
To all who have lost loved ones due to covid, we offer our sympathy and prayers. With those who have survived the menace, including ourselves, we give thanks to God and pray for continued protection and good health.
Today’s photo was taken in our cloister garden, a perennially pleasant place to stroll, meditate and pray, as time permits, in this beautiful corner of our common home, planet earth.
Greetings and thanks to all our families, friends, benefactors and neighbors, near and far.
Abbot Christian and the monks